THE GAME OF LIFE Customer Reviews:




Fun game to play w the kids


It's boring but it is also entertaining. I don't use it anymore. I just installed this yesterday but can't get a refund

This is BS paid .99 cents to have it not even work. Says its not compatible for my device.


My cus got this and it did not look like this it was WAY more better.

I know it can be better

Annual update too much to ask? Invest in this game a little. It's a top paid game. After laughing at us for buying an old game, please send your teams out to enhance our experience.


Won't work on my s6

Every time I open the app it says it's not supported. Please tell me why this is happening and if it can't be fixed then I'd like my money back. Tia.

Love it

I had 1444567 dollars

This poopy ganes

Keep your 99 cents don't downlod this dumb game

Love it! But......

Great way to pass time, but more charecter options are needed. Also, when I choose an exemption card in the beginning I should be able to use it when and if u want to

Not worth the money

Why should a horrible version of a real game be for 1 dollar! and when you do solo the npc always wins?!?!?!

Kinda short

I wish it had all of the original characters. Maybe it could be longer

Great but

Why can't you add a new version I hate the older version its to short not even fun anymore

I really wanted to play this game but it's all done on some other language (like Russian) and I can't find where to change it...



So much fun to play!



No update since December 2013

This was a disappointment when I downloaded it two years ago but on top of that it hasn't been updated in 30 months. Talk about milking something for every cent.

Simple way to pass time.

I love it. Not too long and easy way to play with the kids and not end up with game pieces everywhere.

Totally believe it's rigged

So after the 6th 1 or 2 that I spun and the 4 times in a row the computer sued me for 100k and the 3 times I lost my job I came back here to write this and call this pos game out. Get a refund if you can or just don't waste your time not worth trying to outsmart a computer.


Classic game that is a spitting image of the real game of life.

Fun way to pass time

Great game with nice graphics. I like to use this as a way to pass the time.

Want my money back!!

Boring and just a big waste of money

Love it

It is a great game


Add more!! It gets boring after a while...

this game cheats. my roll was one and it moved me two spaces.


Great time passing game!


It's great once or twice but after that it's extremely boring. Waste of money.😣


Really dissatisfied. No mini games. Basically all you can do is spin, pick job, pick a number. It's not the good old game that I expected it to be.


I like it

Love it!

One of number one favorite games of all time!

I didn't have to pay for it... Which is awesome! But it is great and if you get it on a nexus then it is free!



So boring

Complete waste of money and time it's pretty well you play then restart. Lucky I can't give them 0 stars


I want a refund...

Not like the real game

Gameplay moves too quickly with minimal interactions. Basically you spin the wheel and read plain cards with no illustrations. Game needs to be more interactive and engaging. Boring. Not worth $0.99.


I would like to have a refund. Ya, the game is fun but too short.